Nicholas Kalemba is a contemporary painter living and working in the land of cartoon mice and simulated reality, Orlando, FL. He graduated with a BFA in 2016 and an MFA in 2019 from the University of Central Florida. Specializing in acrylic and oil painting on a large-scale, he works as a muralist, studio painter and adjunct professor, as well as exhibiting locally and regionally.My paintings immerse viewers in a familiar but skewed version of reality to expose the painfully humorous decay of our social institutions. They aim to be cryptic, humorous, macabre and seducing all at once. I’m driven by an overwhelming desire to capture and examine the moments, events and environments that define our experience as modern human beings. Often fraught with dualities and contradictions, my paintings seek to hold a mirror to the society that produced them, in order to expose some of the unseen decay within that society and within myself. They are reflections not only of myself but moreover, reflections of the painful comedy and beautiful detritus of it all.